IBISA Team – Dorien Asampana

Dorien Asampana

Inside IBISA: Dorien Asampana Shares Her Journey as Head of Operations and the Impact of Climate Insurance in Agriculture Welcome to our special blog series – “Behind the Scenes at IBISA,” where we give you an inside look into the dedicated team making it all happen. Today, we are in conversation with Dorien Asampana, IBISA’s […]

The Weather Simulator: Bringing Weather Simulation to everyone

IBISA's Tech Backbone

In IBISA we leverage technology to provide the best possible understanding and coverage of weather-related risk. Because of that we have developed a new innovative solution that we think could be useful outside the insurance world. Here is why. How does IBISA work? IBISA designs, distributes, and operates through a global turnkey platform climate and […]

Gini index of precipitation – new solution for drought detection?

Rapid environmental changes cause extreme event to happen more and more often. One of them is a severe drought which have devastating impact on vegetation, wildlife, water management, farming and ultimately food availability. From year to year the interest in detection of such an event is increasing which raises the question – how to detect […]