Inside IBISA: Dorien Asampana Shares Her Journey as Head of Operations and the Impact of Climate Insurance in Agriculture

Dorien with farmers

Welcome to our special blog series – “Behind the Scenes at IBISA,” where we give you an inside look into the dedicated team making it all happen. Today, we are in conversation with Dorien Asampana, IBISA’s dynamic Head of Operations. Dorien joins us from Ghana and brings her international agricultural expertise and incredible commitment to improving food security in emerging markets.

Dorien with few of the team members
Candid photograph of Dorien with a partial Europe team

A fun fact, Dorien was earlier based out of the Netherlands, and was born and raised in the Europe before she moved to Ghana in late 2022.

Holding the operational reins for almost three years, she becomes proactive when making our workflow efficient – turning complexities into scalable strategies. Here’s what she has to say about her experience at IBISA, and insights into the evolving microinsurance landscape in Africa.

Dorien was already an active participant in the agricultural sector, living among farmers in Ghana, known for its vibrant farming community. At IBISA, she has translated her domestic acumen into operational processes that cut across regional boundaries yet resonate with local needs.

She states, “The products at IBISA are designed to be simple and efficient. This principle echoes in our operational approach as well. Our goal is to extend our services seamlessly, wherever people need protection from extreme weather events.”

There’s a clear potential for agricultural insurance in Africa, where climate insurance is still a new concept for most farmers. Dorien underscores the importance of a push for risk transfer and customized weather risk products designed specifically for African crop and livestock producers.

Reflecting on the ICT4D conference hosted by Catholic Relief Services in Accra, she expressed her anticipation to engage with organizations working with farmers and explore partnerships to strengthen their protection nets.

We also asked her what was the moment she realized her work was making a real impact? Dorien responded that this was in 2015, one of the first years that she worked in agriculture insurance in Ghana. She says, “I talked to a group of farmers who had just finished their first year of coverage. They had not received a payout but all said they had invested more in their farms that year because they had the peace of mind that they would have an income: Either from a good harvest, or from an insurance payout. The importance of being insured goes beyond receiving a payout when times are tough.”

When she’s not bridging operational gaps or engaging with agriculture stakeholders, Dorien enjoys immersing herself in the world of food – cooking, farming, and even training farmers in sustainable agricultural practices alongside her husband.

Stay tuned to our blog series for more insights from the team that makes IBISA what it is today.

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Dorien at CLIMBS conference in the Philippines
Dorien with the CLIMBS team