Enabling the
Next Generation

With an end-to-end platform for insurance actors built to solve the uninsurability of smallholder farmers, pastoralists and breeders in the world.

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Next Generation 

Our mission

At IBISA, our mission is to enable agriculture insurance for agricultural entrepreneurs, everywhere and in an easy manner. We leverage technology and data to build innovative and commercially viable protection products together with our local partners.

Our model

We work with Mutuals, Insurers, Microfinance Institutions, Research Institutions, Farmers and Breeders Associations and Governments to define customer centric protection products and provide them through our platform for underwriting, policy handling / customer administration and automated loss assessment.

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There are 3 types of partnership:

Partner to
provide weather related risk coverages
Are you looking to provide scalable, cost-efficient protection products for agriculture or its value chain?
Partner to
automate your loss assessment & reduce basis risks
Are you looking to automate and optimize your processes of agriculture loss assessment?
Collaborate in
the hybrid-parametric loss assessment
As an individual, would you like to participate in the Crowd-Watching community?

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Join the Crowd-Watching community

IBISA uses ’Wisdom of the Crowd’ as part of the loss assessment process. To come to a reliable loss assessment, we combine both the parametric data and the crowd-watching data.

No expertise is needed to join the Crowd-Watching community. Our platform is designed for people with little to no experience with Earth Observation satellite data to participate and hence support smallholders farmers around the world.

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