Archana's Journey on Navigating Business Landscapes as Project Leader and the Impact of Tech Solution

Archana Bhandari

Welcome back to our “Behind the Scenes at IBISA” blog series, where we reveal who keeps things running smoothly at IBISA.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on Archana Bhandari, our reliable Project Leader. 

Archana, as Project Leader, has been instrumental at IBISA in guiding projects from start to finish. She plays an important role in the sales team as she offers key insights from her work on projects – a mix of skills that let her coordinate strategies and grab great opportunities. A quick look at her daily work shows that she focuses on business analysis, managing potential risks, keeping clear communication with important people, and maintaining strong insurer relationships, all key to being an effective project leader.

Originally from India, Archana brings lots of experience in project management and business analysis, forming a strong foundation that has greatly helped IBISA’s success.

Working with others is a key part of Archana’s work. Whether it’s working together with other teams like product development and marketing, making sure everything aligns with IBISA’s larger goals, or contributing important insights to help grow the tech platform, she has been a driving force behind improvement and change. A recent project where she worked closely with the product development team, led to big success in marketing IBISA’s products.


According to Archana, working together shows how good teamwork can speed up growth and expand possibilities for success in companies like IBISA, which provides insurance tech.

"Juggling the different parts of my role needs good time management and focus on tasks that align with our project goals and deadlines. Regular chats with important stakeholders and team members keeps the team working together.”

Archana’s skills in business thinking have been vital in helping create designs that meet specific business needs. For Archana, understanding the business and user needs is key to making sure IBISA’s tech solutions meet client needs. 

Archana's Photograph


When she’s not busy managing projects, Archana enjoys relaxing and exploring nature through hiking. What’s her way to recharge? Archana explains: “Outside of work, I enjoy activities that allow me to unwind and recharge. I find solace in reading books, exploring nature through hiking or gardening, and spending quality time with family and friends.”


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