Increasing Financial Resilience and Tackling Climate Change!!

Climate change is REAL and so is the problem of climate-RISK on businesses dependent on agriculture
May it be a Farmer, a Cooperative, Credit providers, Agritech companies or Food companies,

All of them face the repercussions of any climate event impacting agriculture activities!
IBISA designs weather-index insurance solutions to increase climate resilience.

Cost-effective | Tailor-made Products | Faster Payouts | No claim filing

Agri and allied businesses, Food companies, Input companies, Insurance and Reinsurance companies, Government and Development in the direction of providing financial resilience to fight climate change, we develop weather-index based solutions for :

Solutions with Global Reach!

The SCALABILITY of IBISA’s solution design has allowed us to operate in 4 different continents with different projects in Philippines, India, New Zealand, Guatemala, Niger, and Senegal.

We can enter new market rapidly and establish partnerships with local stakeholders to scale our solution in a faster, efficient and cost-effective way!


In light of the Cop27 summit, new challenges have unfolded before the world economies. But the question remains, are we prepared for the impacts of climate change?

In partnership with the World Food Programme and other local insurers, IBISA is designing a forecast insurance index that can be used by government agencies to release funds in advance to affected areas. Thus, mobilizing farmers or take necessary actions to minimize the loss via advance measures instead of money spent on post-damage control measures.


In agriculture and similar markets,  breeders and pastoralists are affected most lack of rain or drought like conditions! In times of drought, breeders have to buy extra fodder for their cattle when there is not enough growth of the grasslands for the cattle to graze on.

IBISA developed an innovative solution that covers the loss due to lack of rain.




Given the diverse geo-climatic conditions of India, a one-size-fits-all strategy will not work! We strive to provide climate insurance solutions with flexible boarding dates and coverage duration options for lack of rainfall, excess rainfall, and vegetation index.

We equip small holder farmers with these insights in the southern states of India at a micro-level.


Typhoons hit various regions of the Philippines 16 times a year on average. With the help of our innovative tools, we have designed solutions that help (protect against/model risk of/etc) wind speed and rainfall that wreak havoc on crops cultivated in those regions.

We partner with local insurance providers, allowing farmers of the Philippines to receive compensation within 10 days of the calamity. This was through meso-level coverage for the different provinces.


The frequency and intensity of droughts, extreme rainfall events, is affecting pasture growth, livestock health and their productivity. IBISA has studied the effects of excess wind speed in one of the regions of New Zealand and is working to develop excess rainfall solutions for the other parts of New Zealand.

The insurance cover then designed could either be used for a dry run or could be actually implemented on the beneficiaries of the cover.

How we work?

The process for designing any insurance cover or develop an index that can be used to trigger payouts is based on the following components:


IBISA Earth Engine

It manages all the downloading, controlling, processing, and analyzing of weather and climatic data.


IBISA Risk Modelling

This is used to design coverages in a fast and scalable way. It also includes a module of risk modeling and actuarial pricing of the coverage, that can include Monte Carlo simulations.


IBISA Policy Management System

This acts as a loss assessment and claim settlement platform that helps stakeholders to monitor the performance of the policies in a simple and scalable manner.


IBISA Earth Engine


IBISA Risk Modelling


IBISA Policy Management System
Integrate & process EO data
Climate & conditions analysis
Design of insurance solution
Explanation of insurance product
Pricing & structuring
Claims management

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